Lukas Franciszkiewicz is a London-based designer, co-founder of Takram London and Visiting Lecturer at the RCA.
        After studying Industrial Design in his native Germany, he joined the Royal College of Art in London. He received his MA in Design Interactions at the RCA in 2014. Lukas is interested in exploring, designing and testing alternative models of representation against a technological green screen. Mainstream approaches, at least in design, are dominated by repetition, replication and continuity and fall short of inspiring and provoking genuinely new thinking about alternative realities. To risk the loss of all that we know is to risk the gain of all that could be. Let’s risk it.

2017 Vienna Biennale 2017, How Will We Work?
2017 Cube Museum, Everything you always wanted to know about Toilets*, Kerkrade
2016 London Design Festival, Scenes Unseen
2016 London Design Festival, Toilet Break
2015 London Design Festival, 8h Ahead
2015 Crossing Borders, Design Gallery 1953 by Japan Design Committee, Tokyo
2015 Saint-Étienne International Design Biennale, Hypervital
2014 CYNETART Panorama, Dresden
2014 Buy, Buy, Buy, Put It Down by Studio Tutti Frutti, London Design Festival
2014 RCA Graduation Show, London
2014 RCA Work-In-Progress Show, London
2013 Power Station of Art Shanghai, Nighttime Dreamreal
2013 RCA Work-In-Progress Show, London
2012 Vicious Gallery Hamburg, Blooom Award Tour
2012 Die Kunstagentin Gallery Cologne, Blooom Award Tour
2011 Art Fair Cologne, Blooom Art Show

2016-current Royal College of Art, Innovation Design Engineering MA, Visiting Lecturer
2016 Research Labs Berlin, Exotic Matter, Workshop
2016 Takram Academy, Exotic Matter, Workshop & Micro Conference
2015 Takram Academy, [Re]Imagining the Perfect Human, Workshop
2014 Royal College of Art, Design Interactions MA, Visiting Lecturer


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